Grandpa Tended Flowers

People wait for upwards of a decade to see the titan arum bloom. For me, the event lined up with some much needed extra credit for my botany course. Everyone was gathered around the bucket sized pod, waiting for it's arrival nine years in the making.   Like watching a rhino ballet dance the large... Continue Reading →


I hate the roller grill

I work for a nation wide gas station chain. We have a fair share of weirdos, like the people who eat exclusively off of the roller grill, or people who seem to stop in specifically to hit on any woman that walks by. Then there’s dudes like Norm. This motherfucker, for starters, has never purchased... Continue Reading →

The Good Son

All of my life I’ve tried as hard as I could to be successful. I worked for my goals, and for the most part I have always been satisfied with my results. I can’t really be sure exactly what first caused my problem. My parent’s never really supported my ambitions of being a botanist. They... Continue Reading →

My Neighbors Think I’m a Ghost

My neighborhood has had a lot of supposedly paranormal activity as of late. The police have made announcements that they can’t really respond to ethereal invaders. Complaints started within the book groups. Their contacts were never where they let them. They’d wake up with fresh ice in their drinks or an empty cup on their... Continue Reading →

Rose’s Whisper

The house seemed like an absolute miracle, the asking price was unbelievably low, the sellers had remodeled most of the house to try to entice buyers and the yard was absolutely enormous, surrounded by vacant, wooded lots on three sides. We were in a tight spot, the seller of the house we were buying backed... Continue Reading →

The Children In The Lake

My daughter Dharma is six. She’s rowdy and fearless. Dauntless, even.  Since she’s been old enough to walk, she’s been drawn to the water. There’s one particular spot in the lake that she’s always been drawn to. We live in the woods on the edge of Lake Michigan. It’s a tiny, self sufficient commune that... Continue Reading →

Call Upon Your God

My best friend growing up was obsessed with God. His family never struck me as particularly Jesus-y, but Art took it hook, line and sinker. He was always reading one of the books of the Bible. Even some more strange books, like Enoch. I remember when I mentioned I'd never heard of them, he just... Continue Reading →

My Bestfriend’s Perfect Match

I live in a small coal town on the Ohio river. Our community is pretty well crime free. Since we’re on the river, most disappearances are chalked up to people drowning and getting washed downstream. I want to keep track of my research, and this document will serve as a history of what I’ve found.... Continue Reading →

Crybaby Bridge

Every state in America has the same legend, most places call them “Crybaby Bridge.” You stop somewhere, often it’s a covered bridge. You turn off your engine and wait. If it’s dirty there might be tiny hand prints on your car. It almost never works. If you’re really lucky, your car won’t restart. Visiting Crybaby... Continue Reading →

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